General Terms and Conditions

Rental of electric bikes (e-bikes) and equipment at ZELENA DOŽIVETJA, d.o.o., Mariborska cesta 105, 3000 Celje, (“the lessor“, hereinafter) shall be governed by the Rental General Terms and Conditions, contracted E-bike Rental Agreement, official Price List and duly filled in and signed Rental Confirmation and Handover Record.

1. Who can use the services:
1.1 Every party renting e-bikes and bicycle equipment shall produce for the inspection of the Company a valid personal identity document to copy the required identity information. In order to be able to rent the e-bike and bicycle equipment, the Renter shall meet the conditions required by the authorized person at the meeting point. The Renter undertakes to provide true personal information upon signing the rental agreement.
1.2 E-bikes can only be used by persons of full legal age. Minor can use e-bikes only if accompanied by adults who shall assume every responsibility for damages caused by a minor to a third person or to the minor him/herself, unless in cases of e-bike manufacturer’s responsibility.
1.3 The person responsible for renting e-bikes may decline to deliver an e-bike to a person who, in his opinion, is not capable of riding a bicycle in compliance with the Road Safety Act (ZVCP-1) or any other valid reason.

2. Conditions of use of rental services:
2.1 The customer books e-bikes at webpage and define meeting point for e-bikes takeover, provide a valid personal identity document, agree with the representative of the Company on all rental details, sign the Bicycle Rental Agreement and fill out and signs the Rental Confirmation and Handover Record. When a group of customers wishes to rent a number of e-bikes, these documents can be signed by only one Renter from the group, providing nonetheless all required personal identity information for each and every Renter in the group.
2.2. Upon renting of the bicycle, the Renter and the Company’s authorized person jointly inspect the e-bike and cycling equipment. When accepting the e-bike and cycling equipment, if any, the Renter shall sign the Handover Record thus confirming perfect working condition of the e-bike (equipment) or agrees to a minor allowable fault which is the consequence of regular wear and tear of the e-bike (equipment) and does not constitute any danger to the use of the e-bike. The Renter shall inform the Company of any possible fault on the e-bike or cycling equipment if this is detected immediately upon delivery but prior to leaving the Company’s location.
2.3 The Renter, who rents an e-bike and cycling equipment in perfect working and technical condition, shall return it in the same condition as received (except for ordinary wear and tear, such as dirt on the e-bike) at the agreed location.
2.4 The Renter shall return the rented e-bike and cycling equipment on time and not later that the agreed date and time as noted in the Rental Agreement or Rental Confirmation.
2.5 The Renter who returns the rented e-bike or cycling equipment in faulty or damaged conditions may replace the e-bike with another e-bike in perfect working condition until the expiry of the rental period. However, the Renter shall immediately inform the Company of the reasons of damage to the e-bike. In such a case replacement of e-bikes or equipment is subject to availability of e-bikes and equipment with the Company, regardless of the fact whether the replacement e-bike or equipment have the same characteristics as the replaced ones. If the Company has no replacement e-bike (equipment) available, he is not obliged to reimburse the Renter if the expiry of the e-bike (equipment) renting period is in less than 2 hours. The Company shall be subject to the provisions of this Item only if the returned e-bike or equipment has not been damaged due to deliberate conduct of the Renter.
2.6 Upon return of the e-bike and/or equipment, the Company and the Renter shall make and sign the Handover Record where any damage on rented and returned items shall be duly noted down. In case the Renter refuses to sign the Handover Record or does not agree with the findings of the Company, the latter shall be entitled to follow the provisions of the General terms and Conditions, in particular those referring to payment of compensation and security.
2.7 At the time of the rental, we will require one of the following:

-a credit card hold (or paid in cash) for the deposit of 300€. When you are requested to authorise hold against your account for the estimated charges of the rental, these funds will not be available for use. Upon return of your rental bike in perfect working and technical condition, the company returns the amount.

-a non-refundable bike damage insurance of 5€ per bike and per day of rental (paid in cash or by card) with coverage of up to 300€/bike.  In case the damage exceeds the covered amount, additional funds are requested from the renter.

3. Terms and conditions of use:
3.1 The price for the rental of e-bikes and cycling equipment is fixed in the Price List displayed at
3.2 The e-bike shall be used by the Renter at his own risk, and can only be used as regular transport vehicle on roads, in a manner usual to average recreational activities. The Renter shall use the e-bike and cycling equipment with due care and diligence.
3.3 The use of e-bikes and equipment in sporting events, for commercial purposes or subrental is strictly prohibited. The use of e-bikes for transport of dangerous goods, illegal goods, persons or property against payment; riding under the influence of alcohol, tranquilisers, sleeping drugs or any other substances which may affect riding ability, as well as any other similar abusive use are strictly prohibited.
3.4 The Renter shall abide by the instructions for use and applicable road and traffic regulations. The Company where bicycle and cycling equipment are rented shall not be held responsible for consequences (e.g. damage or fines) of improper use of e-bike and cycling equipment and for disrespect of road and traffic regulations by the Renter.
3.5. The use of e-bikes requires appropriate fitness of the Renter. By signing the Rental Agreement and other documents the Renter ensures to be appropriately physically and mentally fit to use and manage the bicycle, and to assume every responsibility for any damage arising from his deficiencies of the kind.
3.6 In case of late return of the rented e-bike or equipment, penalty shall be applicable for each hour of late return at a price fixed by the Price List increased by 10%.
3.7 The Renter shall not leave the bicycle unlocked or unattended at any time until it is returned to the Company.
3.8 At the time of e-bike takeover the total sum should be paid.

4. Renter’s Liability for Damage:
4.1 The Renter shall be liable at any time during the rental period for any event or damage caused to him, to a third person or to third persons’ belongings by the use of Company’s e-bike or equipment.
4.2 In case of damage to the e-bike or cycling equipment occurred due to improper use of the e-bike or cycling equipment, the Renter shall reimburse the Company the amount of the damage. Damage shall be assessed by the Company’s authorized person upon return of the e-bike and equipment and in accordance with the prices of new e-bikes and equipment, taking account of regular wear and tear of e-bikes and equipment to the moment of their delivery to the Company. The price list for repairs is published in the official pricelist.
4.3 Should the Renter not return the e-bike and cycling equipment, or should he return them damaged beyond repair, he shall pay compensation amounting to the value of a new e-bike and cycling equipment in accordance with the price list of new e-bikes and cycling equipment. E-bike theft shall be reported by the Renter immediately to the Company or/and the Police.
4.4 If the rented e-bike (equipment) is not returned within 24 hours of the return due time, it shall be considered that the Renter has unlawfully appropriated it. The Company shall be entitled to inform the Police and other competent authorities.
4.5 In case a third party should steal the e-bike or cycling equipment from the Renter, or if the e-bike and the equipment are damaged in a traffic accident handled by the Police, the Renter shall deliver a copy of the notification to the Police and the theft report to the Company and pay within 5 days of the day of theft the security in accordance with the prices of new e-bikes and equipment reduced by the regular wear and tear of the e-bikes and equipment at the moment these were delivered to the Renter. The security shall be paid back to the Renter only if the stolen equipment is returned. In the opposite case, the security shall be retained as agreed compensation.

5. Withdrawal from the Agreement:
5.1 In case of Renter’s breach of any of the provisions referred to herein, in the Rental Agreement, Rental Confirmation or Handover Record, the Company shall be entitled to withdraw from the Agreement with immediate effect and to seize the rented e-bike or equipment from the Renter. By signing the Agreement the Renter explicitly agrees that no objection shall be enforceable against the decision of the Company referred to in the previous sentence. The Company shall be entitled to exercise the relevant rights.
5.2 The Renter may at any time withdraw from the Agreement and return the e-bike (equipment) to the Company should there be a defect in the e-bike or equipment which prevents proper and safe use and the Company has no replacement e-bike or equipment. In such case the Company shall return the rent and any other paid charges in proportion to the time the client was unable to use the bicycle (equipment).

6. Dispute jurisdiction:
6.1 Any dispute arising from the rental General Terms and Conditions, contracted E-bike Rental Agreement, official Price List and duly signed Rental Confirmation and Handover Record shall be governed by the Slovenian Law and a Slovenian court shall have jurisdiction regarding disputes if the Company is an economic operator registered in Slovenia or if the rental relationship is fully or mainly exercised on the territory of Slovenia.

7. Interpretation of this document:
7.1 If any of the provisions referred to in this document proves not to be valid or exercisable in full or in part, the provision shall be considered invalid and unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall however remain valid and enforceable.